Power Filled Prayer at Saint Matthews Churches

Saint Matthew Churches prayer by letter can inspire people to pray more often

While teaching the disciples, Jesus gave us the key to power filled prayer when He emphasized the importance of having two or more join together in prayer. (Matthew 18:19-20) St Matthew Churches is a wonderful place to gather together and pray for one another and our Sunday service includes a time for the bishops, pastors and deacons to pray for those who would like individual prayer.

Saint Matthew Churches recognizes, however, that some individuals are homebound, possibly due to illness or a lack of transportation, and cannot attend church. Therefore, Saint Matthew Churches offers to intercede in prayer through mail sermons and prayer by letters. Saint Matthew Churches prayer letter provides strengthening and comfort through Scripture and encouraging words. An example of a Scripture found in prayer by letters is Mark 10:27, "Jesus looked at them and said, '…all things are possible with God.' "

In addition, the Saint Matthew Churches prayer letter extends an opportunity to mail in a prayer request and have someone join you in prayer.  Upon receipt, St Matthew Churches reads and intercedes on your behalf for your requests submitted with the prayer by letters. Knowing that St Matthew Churches is standing in agreement with you on your prayer letter requests before the throne of God provides great comfort to many individuals.

Power filled prayer can make a difference in your life. Prayer by letters and mail sermons are sent free of charge by Saint Matthew Churches. If you are homebound or unable to attend church, St Matthew Churches desires to make a difference in your life with mail sermons and prayer by letters.

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