Prayer by Letter Can Bring Hope

Prayer by letter serves as a great way to praise God

Our elder ministers, Donald R. Luce, M.R. McElrath and James Eugene Ewing along with staff, many of whom have been associated with them for almost four decades, are dedicated to reaching out with hope, love and prayer through our home missionary prayer by letter, so that all who desire to do so can have church by mail through prayer by letters.

Through this ministry's home visitation program, our church is without walls. Our elder ministers M.R. McElrath, James Eugene Ewing and Donald R. Luce believe God's church is made up of people who cannot always get to a church building: the sick, shut in and those without transportation.

Ministering with compassion, our elder ministers Donald R. Luce, M.R. McElrath and James Eugene Ewing give hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak through printed sermons and scripturally based prayer by letters. Those who cannot get to church for any reason can still find closeness with God and comfort in reading prayer by letters. Through prayer by letter, those facing struggles can still build their faith by reading the gospel.

Under the supervision of our elder ministers James Eugene Ewing, M.R. McElrath and Donald R. Luce, our prayer by letters are mailed to you free of charge or given to you in our church services. Remember, Jesus loves you. John 3:16.

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